About Us

Who We Are

We are young group of engineers and highly interested in Renewable Sources of Power Generation. As you Know the Electricity is big issue of world.

L'Obel Power System was born out of compassion for green and clean environment and the zeal to find solutions for power crisis in the India for an overall development of rural community too.

The demand for energy is rising with the rapidly increasing Indian population. Moreover, most of the rural belts of India have inadequate, minimal or no electricity, which is a vital ingredient in the development of any community.

L'Obel Power System is focusing on solar energy, one of the best options in green solar renewable energy, to provide sustainable and economical power supply to rural India.

Equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty through weakness of will, which is the same as saying through shrinking from toil and pain. These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguis and much more ipsum.

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Our main aim in the EPC is to provide top end quality services, from the initial conceptualization - design stage to installation – commissioning - testing stage; we deploy world class solar technology to deliver affordable solar power. Lobel Solar designs, supply and commission with utmost professional and provides real time operational support & maintenance for solar PV & Thermal projects with a proven experience of over 8 years.

Economic Benefits - There are numerous economic benefits of investing in a solar power plant such as 80% accelerated depreciation, Viability Gap funding - VGF and various other ROI attractions relating to investments in solar projects, incentives as 15 % subsidy that have been introduced by Government of India, that means breakeven is approximately 3 years.

There are some other benefits like Tax savings, Renewable Energy Certificates – REC.

Social Benefits - Investing in Green solar power, you show your concern to environmental consciousness and accountability. Customers, employees, and investors are more likely to work with organizations who adopt sustainable practices as part of their CSR responsibilities. Also you are lowering your carbon footprint and helping combat global climate change and reducing our dependence on foreign energy and fossil fuels.


Concept to Commissioning

- Feasibility Study
- Detail Project Report
- Procurement
- Project Management
- Technical Support in signing PPA
- Application Facilitation
- Review and Validation

Design & Engineering

- Detailed Design & Engineering
- Design & Preliminary Engineering

Performance Audit

Our comprehensive performance evaluation and technical audits ensure that you find answers to most questions about the performance and value of a power plant.

Strategic & Advisory

- Market Entry
- Renewable Energy Mix
- Due Diligence
- Other Technical Consulting