Go solar with L'obel

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Concept to Commissioning

Feasibility Study

We “Lobel” prepare feasibility reports, considering technical, commercial, financial and environmental aspects, to evaluate and support your investment proposal. The feasibility study involves site evaluation, resource assessment, technology selection, brief financial modeling etc.

Detail Project Report

A DPR (Detail Project Report) is an essential building block for proposals to various nodal agencies, utilities, financial institutions etc. We prepare your DPR with sufficient details to ensure appraisal, approval, and subsequent project implementation in a timely and efficient manner. The DPR typically covers technology selection, system design, power evacuation, project implementation schedule, financial structuring etc.


We “Lobel Solar Power System” use our vast experience in the procurement of equipment and services in line with guidelines and procedures of funding agencies.

Project Management and Quality Monitoring

A KW & MW-level project requires management of multiple stakeholders with different timelines and deliverables. We support you with project management services including development of project implementation schedule, project monitoring, periodic reporting and preparation of post-commissioning documentation. We also review quality assurance programmes of vendors, carry out periodic visits to project site to monitor quality and adherence to specifications, highlight deviations and recommend corrective action.

Technical Support in signing PPA

We support you during interactions with nodal agencies or utilities or power purchasers on technical clarifications sought on tariff justification, energy yield estimates etc.

Application Facilitation

The REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) mechanism has emerged to be the framework of choice in setting up power projects. A market drive mechanism, the REC framework gives flexibility to the sale of electricity. We can provide all necessary technical support in filing your application under the REC mechanism, or under any State or National policy. Our services include provision of technical data, potential energy generation, and interaction with relevant agencies for technical clarifications, and guidance during bidding on probable tariffs.

Review and Validation

It is extremely important to ensure that design and engineering are optimized and accurate for site implementation.

Design & Engineering

Detailed Design & Engineering

Our detailed engineering services cover all aspects of civil, structural, AC electrical and DC electrical engineering. Some of the capabilities and typical deliverables are listed below.

Sample Deliverables


  • Shading analysis
  • Array layout & optimization
  • Single line diagrams
  • Amp and voltage calculations
  • Cable sizing, schedules and routing
  • Interconnections
  • Analysis, design and preparation of structural GA for module mounting structures
  • Foundation design and drawings for equipment, structures & buildings
  • Design and drawings for grading and erosion control, storm water pollution prevention, fencing, roads, pathways and other miscellaneous facilities
  • Trench layouts and routing
  • Equipment and switchyard layout
  • Earthing and lightning protection
  • Protection and metering
  • AC design (underground and overhead) up to 132kV
  • SCADA selection
  • Utility bay equipment design and selection
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Development of Bill of Quantities

Design & Preliminary Engineering


  • Guidance in equipment selection
  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary layouts and satellite image overlays
  • Energy generation modeling and simulation using tools and weather databases.


Performance Audit

Our comprehensive performance evaluation and technical audits ensure that you find answers to most questions about the performance and value of a power plant. It is very important for a developer, potential investor or an EPC service provider to evaluate if the renewable energy power plant commissioned is providing or is likely to provide optimum energy generation and whether its performance would be consistent throughout the period of the Power Purchase Agreement or the life of the plant.

Statutory advice! Our recommendations may lead to enhanced plant performance, increased energy generation and reduced maintenance cost!!

Strategic & Advisory

Market Entry

We help your organization enter new markets by developing a suitable entry strategy covering Market Overview, Analysis (Attractiveness & Accessibility) and Business Plan based on policy framework, regulatory environment, market profile, segment landscape and your organization

Renewable Energy Mix

What is the optimum RE mix to meet my RPO? How do I increase my organization’s green footprint? How can I use sustainable engineering to do our bit for CSR? We help formulate the most appropriate renewable energy strategy for your organization tailored to meeting your various requirements

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services include assessment of energy yield prediction including uncertainty, assessment of new technology & equipment in markets, risk assessment, project & power plant economics, performance review, forecasts of expenditure and revenue, assessment of environmental impact.

Other Technical Consulting

Our Lobel team and insights could benefit you through technical consulting assignments not mentioned above. E.g. Preparation of DPR for setting up a manufacturing facility, conducting a techno-commercial study on impact of a product in the market etc. Please feel free to reach us to discuss your requirement and we would be delighted if we could support you in whichever way we can.