Go solar with L'obel

Powering your Life with Clean & Affordable Energy


Salient design features are as follows:

  • Glazed curtain wall system to use as much natural light as possible.
  • High performance glazing has been provided to reduce the effect of direct incident radiation.
  • Solar water heaters have been installed to use solar energy.
  • Photo Voltaic cells have been used for 35% of lighting needs of building's interior and exterior parts.
  • Rain water harvesting system to preserve and reuse rain water.
  • STreatment of waste water to use in landscape irrigation.
  • Use of native species to reduce water consumption.
  • Use of Low Flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Segregation of bio-degradable & non-biodegradable waste. Bio-degradable solid waste is used for vermi-composting. Compost produce is utilized as manure for landscaping plants.
  • Use of CFL lights.
  • Use of flyash bricks, wherever required.
  • Use of pervious concrete in pavements and parking lot.