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It is an instrument/concept where the heat from atmospheric air is absorbed, and is transferred to water through the mechanism for water heating using thermodynamic principle, saving up to 80% energy.

Air Water Heater can extract heat even from Himalayan air i.e. sub-zero temp (up to -30 oC.).

  • Availability of Terrace / Open Space due to compactness
  • Low cost in Electrical infrastructure – for 60 flat building with 2 nos, 2 kW geyser per flat, connected load is 240 kW whereas equivalent AWH connecting load is JUST 8 kW.
  • Due to return line, metering of hot water is possible and accordingly the individual user can be charged, thus overcoming the unforeseeable arguments.
  • Due to low energy bill and round the clock hot water availability, the users will be happy and in turn the Developer will be benefited for providing the most economical hot water solution.