About Us

Company Profile

L’Obel Power is a leading professional services company in India. It is actively involved in providing the techno-commercial services in the energy sector. Working in close association with the clients, projects are realized from the concept to commissioning.

With its continuous effort towards excellence and assisted by highly proficient team L’Obel Power become pioneer in providing consultancy services in the areas of Renewable energy, Energy efficiency and clean development mechanism.

The trust and reputation thus built in the market is enabling L’Obel Power to deepen its involvement in the core areas by increasing client base as well as ensuring repeat service requests from clients served earlier.

Although our roots go back to renewable energy revolution in India, our vision is fixed firmly in future. We already served to number of industrial and commercial clients.

Work Strategy

L’Obel Solar Power System is pooled with resources of technical knowledge coupled with industrial expertise. The services are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients based on rich experience.

We encourage teams to enhance the interaction with clients for better understanding of client challenges, time lines and work towards the goal without compromising quality standards. Every team is equipped with project management and customer service skills supported with the dedicated acquaintance towards realizing the project.

We maintain good relationships and tie ups with professionals from Industrial, Governments along with the subject experts to bring in latest solutions which make real difference in addressing the issues.

Vision & Mission


To provide the world class renewable energy solutions, services, technology and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


To be the first choice PV & thermal products supplier for all clients locally and abroad and to be widely recognized for our high-quality products, services and contribution to a sustainable life.

Our focus is to continuously improve our efficiency, quality, and technology. To fulfill this goal and make a bridge between us we are also collaborating with experts in engineering, operations and technology.

Why Lobel ???

  • In House Design
  • Direct Global Sourcing
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Performance Testing
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Value Added Products
  • Approved & Certified
  • Pioneer In Solar
  • Ten Years Old Startup
  • All Kind of Customized Solution

Who We Are

We are young group of engineers and highly interested in Renewable Sources of Power Generation. As you Know the Electricity is big issue of world.

L'Obel Power System was born out of compassion for green and clean environment and the zeal to find solutions for power crisis in the India for an overall development of rural community too.

The demand for energy is rising with the rapidly increasing Indian population. Moreover, most of the rural belts of India have inadequate, minimal or no electricity, which is a vital ingredient in the development of any community.

L'Obel Power System is focusing on solar energy, one of the best options in green solar renewable energy, to provide sustainable and economical power supply to rural India.

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